Company History

IMG_0044The origin of Sathosa Motors PLC goes back to 1962, when Isuzu Agency was secured by the Co-operative Wholesale Establishment in 1962. The first agreement was signed between M/s Isuzu Motors Limited, Tokyo, Japan (Manufacturer), M/s C Itoch & Co. Ltd., (Distributor) and Co-operative Wholesale Establishment C.W.E. (Franchise holder).

Although the demand for Japanese vehicles, specially for commercial vehicles, was not encouraging in 1960’s and early 1970’s, after the liberalization of imports in 1978, Isuzu became the most sought after vehicle by fleet owners, Government sector etc.

Isuzu vehicles spare parts imports and sales were handled by the New Vehicles & Machinery Department of C.W.E. up to 1985. However due to tremendous demand for Isuzu products in the Sri Lanka market, The Ministry of Trade and Commerce under whose purview C.W.E. operated, decided to convert the New Vehicles & Machinery Department as a fully owned subsidiary company of the Co-operative Wholesale Establishment titled as “Sathosa Motors Limited” on 1st January 1985 to give more freedom to carry on business operations efficiently, facing the competition from other vehicle dealerships.

Sathosa Motors Limited commenced operations with an issued capital of Rs 15,000,007 in 1985. In keeping with the government Policy, the Company was peoplised on 26th August 1992 and 60% of issued capital was acquired by M/s C Itoch & Co., Limited (ITOCHU Corporation) Tokyo, Japan, one of the largest trading organizations (Sogo-Shosa) in Japan. Of the remainder, 10% was gifted to employees and 30% was issued to the General Public..

Sathosa Motors PLC is the franchise holder for Isuzu vehicles and spare parts manufactured by M/s Isuzu Motors Ltd. The Isuzu range of vehicles consists of Double Cab Pickup Trucks, Light Duty and Heavy Duty Commercial Vehicles, Luxury Passenger Coaches and Special Purpose Vehicles such as Fire Trucks, Logging Trucks, Dump Trucks, Water & Fuel Bowsers and various other types of vehicles required in building construction, distribution of goods etc.

Our Head Office is situated at No 25, Vauxhall Street, Colombo 02, which comprises new vehicles sales showrooms, main spare parts department and workshop for Isuzu vehicle repairs. We also have a spare Parts outlet at Panchikawatte for convenience of our customers. Our Main Workshop at Peliyagoda handles the major portion of workshop repairs of all models of Isuzu trucks. This has modern equipments to identify and repair any kind of problem.

In order to comply with new Companies Act No. 7 of 2007 the company was re-registered as Sathosa Motors PLC.

The Access Engineering Company Ltd (AEL) which went public acquired a major controlling stake in Sathosa Motors PLC (SML) on 29th February 2012.

The Sri Lankan military’s ‘vehicle of choice’ and a top European Luxury Brand in the country, Land Rover received a new lease of life with the brand being exclusively distributed under SML Frontier Automotive Pvt Ltd, where Sathosa Motors PLC having a 50% ownership.

The company has plans to focus on 3S concept where Island wide dealers will be appointed giving the authority to concentrate on sale of new vehicles, sale of spare parts and workshop services. Workshop services would lead only to providing lubrication services.

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